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10 amazing places to visit in Segovia

Segovia is a place with a number of tourist attractions, each with its own rich historical background.

1. Aqueduct of Segovia

A magnificent example of Roman engineering, the aqueduct was built in the 1st century AD and runs through the city. It is one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts and the main symbol of Segovia.

2. Alcazar

Numerous Castilian monarchs lived at the Alcázar castle, like the Catholic Queen Isabella in the late 15th century. Inside you will see the Throne Room and the Hall of Kings. You can also scale the stone spiral stairway to the top of the iconic Torre de Juan II for an amazing view of Segovia.

3. Walls of Segovia

After the Christians retook the city from the Moors in 1088, King Alfonso VI expanded the city’s defenses by building these walls. There are five gates and also series of houses that back onto the defenses.

4. Iglesia de la Vera Cruz

This church was built in 1208 by the Order of the Holy Sepulcher. The church dates to the crusades, so it has a lot of the architecture of the time. The temple was built in Romanesque style, already in transition to Gothic. 

5. Real Casa de la Moneda

Founded by Felipe II, this is probably Spain’s oldest industrial facility, with lots of its renaissance technology restored. This was the first mint in Spain to make coins with rollers. It created currency from 1586 to 1869. The mint also relied on hydraulic power from the Eresma River, and you can see this water wheel in action today.

6. Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

This palace was built in the 18th century by King Felipe V as a summer residence. Inside you can see a collection of 15th and 16th-century tapestries, with pieces belonging to Isabella the Catholic.

7. Casa de Los Picos

This is a late-15th-century mansion with 617 pyramid-shaped granite points. The building  was acquired by the city councilman Juan de la Hoz. The interior is an exhibition hall of the Segovia Art school. inside you will be able to see the stately renaissance courtyard.

8. Casa del Sol

This museum has more than 1,500 pieces spanning several thousand years, including Roman mosaics, religious sculpture, renaissance paintings and coins from all eras.

9. Calle Real de Segovia

These pedestrian streets bend through the old part of Segovia, guiding you past 15th and 16th-century palaces, churches, secular buildings, and into the Jewish Quarter.

10. Cathedral of Segovia

Despite being built in the renaissance, this magnificent building was constructed in an old-fashioned gothic style, therefore it is one of Europe’s newest original gothic structures. Inside the Cathedral you will be able to see amazing paintings, sculptures and sarcophagi.

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